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Here's a summary of the major supermarkets and retailers offering school uniform deals, including their sale dates and a brief overview of their offers:


Sale Date: Starts July 4 Offer: £5 uniform bundle including sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, trousers, skirts, and cargo shorts. Details: Available in stores only. Once sold out, the items won't be restocked.



  • Boys: 2-pack polo shirts or short sleeve shirts from £3, 2-pack slim leg trousers from £8, 2-pack sweatshirts from £5, and school shoes from £10.

  • Girls: 2-pack scallop polo shirts or short sleeve shirts from £3, 2-pack pleated skirts from £8, 2-pack cardigans from £8, 2-pack short sleeve shirts from £5, and 2-pack white polo shirts from £3. Details: Available under the George range, with various uniform essentials at affordable prices.


Sale Date: Starts July 28 with 20% off Offer: Kids' uniforms available from age 2-3 up to age 14-15, including blouses from £5, polo 2-packs from £6, skinny trousers from £9, bootcut trousers from £9, and Bengaline super skinny trousers from £8. Details: Discount applies in all stores.

Marks and Spencer (M&S)

Sale Date: Starts July 2 with 20% off Offer: Prices have been held since 2021. Examples include 3-pack cotton unisex polo shirts from £7, 2-pack boys' slim leg trousers from £11, and 2-pack girls’ pleated pinafores from £12. Details:Discount available online and in stores.


Sale Date: Starts July 23 with 25% off Offer: Exact items not yet revealed. Details: The discount requires a Tesco Clubcard or app at checkout.


Sale Date: Starts June 19 with 25% off Offer: Maintained 2022 prices. Examples from last year include 2-pack polo shirts from £3, trousers from £4, and 2-pack gingham dresses from £10. Details: Sale available both online and in stores.

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