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the scenes of Micah Meals


Helen explains what lies at the heart of Micah meals...


For me as a parent and someone who works hard at their job I have found this lockdown particular hard. Easy everyday jobs like cleaning and cooking have seemed relentless (more than usual they were always thankless tasks!).

I have also embraced the fact that my kids can do more and often want to do more to help. But they like to try new things and they often want instant gratification from what they have tried.

I have a 9 and a 7 year old so the first thing I taught them to do was make me a cup of tea! They loved it and so did I (btw that love has since warn off but the fact they can do it has not escaped my memory).

So this idea was born wouldn't it be good to help them to cook. I'm not a parent who loves to cook so this was a tough one I didn't rush into the kitchen and start I looked for things to help them and there are plenty of how to cooking videos but not a lot by or with kids the same age.

So we have produced a set of videos with meals cooked by a 10 and 9 year old - Amy & Evie and I'm biased but they did really well you can judge for yourself.

My kids also have 3 major foods they eat - chicken nuggets, plain pasta and cheese pizza (but only the cheap horrible one!) so introducing them to new stuff is really hard so I figured if you could try a meal then make it it might make this all the more fun.

So we have teamed up with cafe 141 to do just that.

They are making us 200 meals that anyone in the community can sign up for I get asked all the time is it just for people who can't afford - no is the short answer.

We live in a community of families some of whom are very well off financially, others completely the opposite and we also have folks who are right in the middle of that - just getting there not rolling in money but surviving!

When you are just coping you are inclined not to spend on luxuries so I wanted this project to be available to all - no barriers, no stigma about need or poverty, everyone can have and if you want to donate to the project so we can roll out more videos etc I can tell you how that is possible but we have made this no questions, no referrals just come and enjoy.

Finally if its a success we might do more. 200 meals across Troon and Dundonald is not alot so not everyone will get but so far we have 70 ordered and we need your help to get more folks onboard. Please help us to give these meals a happy home and give yourself a break one night of the easter hols!

If you do find yourself in need drop me an email or message me here at the Micah Project because we have built in the ability to provide for families who are struggling - you could have one meal or all 4.

Thank you this was along explanation but I appreciate you making it to the end. I hope you will find this an exciting initiative and I hope your big or wee ones will love watching and cooking along with Evie and Amy.

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