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Want to be a model?

Step 1 - Get signed up ...

Email Helen and let her know you are on board what age, gender and size clothes your model takes.

Step 2 - Book a slot to choose your outfit

Come down choose your outfit we have a range of appointments for this week and we will let you know what you will need for the practice and the show.

Step 4 - Make note of the practice and show times

We will have a practice on Sunday 10th June at 3pm

And the main event taking place on the 12th June please come to the church for 6pm on the 12th to make sure we can get everyone ready. 

Step 5 - Advertise the show and book tickets

Tickets are now available at eventbrite: please feel free to share on your socials along with the pic below :) 

And finally have fun...

We recognise that we are working with younger models so whilst we aren’t looking for perfection we do want to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible. 

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