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Ordering Clothes

Order a pack of clothes for each child in the family or for someone else - there is not charge and you  do not need to hand clothes in.  We want to avoid sending children's clothes to landfill so the more we can recycle the better. If you wish to and in a position to make a donation you can do so either in cash or kind. Feel free to donate a bag of clothes, help volunteer etc. You can find out more here

We pick your clothes for you using the information you give us below. We now have pick up points in local areas so you can choose what suits you best. If takes about a week to get a pack together and delivered and we will let you know when it is ready. If it is an emergency please call us and can usually respond to these within 24/48 hours.

For our teenagers at present we aim to provide warm comfortable clothes rather than a full wardrobe of casual wear. 

If there are items that don't fit or you no longer need please feel free to return them and we can pass them on to others.

Fill in Your Info
What size clothes would you like?
Which gender clothes would you like?
We usually take about a week to get your order ready. Please choose how you would like to hear from us.

Thanks for submitting!

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