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Brownie Power Ignites Glasgow Kiltwalk with Mega Fundraising Success!

The 6th Brownie Unit has sent shockwaves through the city of Glasgow with their staggering fundraising triumph during Sunday's Kiltwalk event! 💥 Originally setting their sights on a modest £750, these pint-sized philanthropists have blown past expectations, soaring to an incredible nearly £4000 in donations! 🌟💰

But it's not just about the numbers—this dynamic brigade is on a mission to make a real difference in the world! Every penny raised is fueling the mission of the Micah Project Troon, a local charity with a global impact. 🌍❤️ From promoting sustainability to supporting families in need, this organization is changing lives both here in Ayrshire and abroad, including places like Ukraine.

With initiatives like clothes closets and food surplus programs, the Micah Project Troon isn't just providing resources—it's nurturing wellbeing and mental health within the community. And with the 6th Brownie Unit leading the charge, their impact knows no bounds!

So, here's to these pint-sized powerhouses, proving that when it comes to making a difference, age is just a number! 🙌💕 

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